a day in the life

Some days we really feel like we have this whole kid thing down, like our daily routine is a well-oiled machine. But other days, we look at each other and wonder WTF are we doing?! So today we’re sharing what a day in the life with the Miniwheats looks like. Ever feel like this? Admittedly, this is how I feel most days. A day in the life 5:30am Misterwheats gets up.. Read More

mom truth monday

Happy Monday y’all, It’s mom truth Monday! Mom truth: Lately it seems I have to go full on “momster” in order to get anyone to listen to me.  This is what life has seemed like lately: I make a request —–> Nobody listens I make a request —–> Nobody listens I make a request —–> Nobody listens I make a request —–> Nobody listens I scream my F*c%ing head off.. Read More

mom truth monday

Mom truth: I love to scare the Sh@$ out of Thomas and I take every opportunity to do so. In light of it being Halloween week I thought I’d take the opportunity to confess that I LOVE to scare the Sh$t out of Thomas . I’m not sure when it started, but the very first time I scared him he literally jumped and instantly had tears rolling down his cheeks. I.. Read More

mom truth monday

Mom truth: When the hubs is away on business we eat cereal for every meal. It started waaaay before we had kids. Anytime the hubs was out of town for work, pleasure or what have you, I would skip the grocery run and exist solely on cereal. The hubs doesn’t realize that even though we don’t like when he’s gone, we do love eating cereal. That’s Thomas’ evil happy laugh.. Read More

weekend wrap-up

A late in the week, weekend wrap-up!    This twirly seat we found at the park spins surprisingly fast. Thomas was the first to try it out and when we lifted him off, he literally fell face first into the sand. I was crying laughing. Then daddy had to give it a whirl and honestly, could Thomas BE any HAPPIER! #simplepleasures We kicked off the weekend (pun intended) with Thomas.. Read More

fall family photos

So the weather turned chilly for just long enough (ahem, 2 days) for me to get my first sore throat of the year. Awesome! The upside is that regardless of the temperature outside, the retail world is in full fall force. There are a ton of sales happening right now, so now is the time to get your and your littles fall wardrobes situated. I made a boat load of.. Read More

mini-wheats’ first day of preschool

And just like that we wrapped up summer with a super hot, pool filled weekend and sent the kids off to preschool. As I’ve mentioned before our super amazing nanny headed off to grad school and so we were left to decide what type of child care we wanted for Thomas and Zoe. We interviewed a bunch of candidates but none really even came close to Morgan’s calibre, those are.. Read More

h i a t u s

We’re back from an impromptu (but very much needed) hiatus. Somehow the whirlwind of summer swept us up and we were all of a sudden crazy busy and the days seemed too jam packed to squeeze anything else in. I guess that’s a good thing, to be too busy during the summer months to sit inside and blog.  The month long hiatus was filled with fun. We knocked a few.. Read More

mini-wheat kisses & disses

We are in total summer mode over here and although the hubs and I work full time, we’ve managed to fit summer in every way we can. Here is a little mid-week edition of kisses and disses, and a whole lotta curls that I’ve been missing, enjoy!  //Kisses// 1. Zoe has decided to become a SLEEPER! Like an all-through-the-night sleeper, halleluja! 2. Mid-week wine hangs with good friends. 3. A super awesome trip to NYC.. Read More

happiness is… blowing out candles

We rounded out Thomas’ birthday week with family and cake at my parents house. As I mentioned in this post, we kept it low key this year. I think all Thomas needs is a good cake and some candles because look at this face. Pure joy, I tell ya.  This guys loved all of his gifts and the bouncy castle at daycare but honestly, he just wanted to blow out candles… Read More