mom truth monday – i am that mom

mom-truth: Misterwheats says I’m a “jelly donut” when it comes to the Miniwheats; meaning I am way too soft on the kids and that he is left to do the discipline. Welp, if that is true, then the tables completely flip when it comes to the Miniwheats and sports. I am that mom. I absolutely cannot handle the “mopey face” or the whining or the crying. “There is no crying in.. Read More

mom truth monday – capsule wardrobe

mom-truth: I forgot how to shop for myself. No really, I can flip through sites blindfolded to find exactly what I want for my kids (and I do), but somewhere between dressing for two pregnancies and having two toddlers that suck every ounce of brain space out of me, I literally forgot how to shop for myself. I am all of a sudden a deer in headlights in a space where.. Read More