losing the dad bod

Warning: this very long post is not intended to come across as boastful but it almost certainly will read that way. I’m certainly proud of what I’ve accomplished but please believe me when I say the intent is more to pass along some suggestions on things I did that helped me than to say “ooh, look at me”. If that’s not your cup of tea I suggest skipping this one… Read More

canada never looked so good

To say that I am shocked and disappointed by the results of yesterday’s U.S. election results would be an understatement. But I promised miniwheatmama that I would save the deeply political rant for a different venue so instead I want to talk about a happier topic that is loosely related to yesterday – the miniwheats. Yesterday I asked Thomas if he knew what a President was and his answer made.. Read More

a (gaming dad’s) dream come true

The two “dad moments” I’m the most excited about since having kids are watching them play sports and playing video games with them. You’ll be hearing a lot more about that first one soon but this post is about gaming. The highlight of my week was when miniwheatmama sent me this Slack chat (yeah we have a family Slack account – more on that another time):   This is not just permission to.. Read More

mom truth monday

** n e w   s e r i e s ** This parenting thing is hard at times and it’s hilarious at times and it’s super frustrating at times and then there’s all the loved filled moments in between all these times. I’ve found  comfort in talking “real talk” with my girlfriends about our successes and failures as mom’s, wives, and just plain humans. So today and regularly on.. Read More


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