a day in the life

Some days we really feel like we have this whole kid thing down, like our daily routine is a well-oiled machine. But other days, we look at each other and wonder WTF are we doing?! So today we’re sharing what a day in the life with the Miniwheats looks like. Ever feel like this? Admittedly, this is how I feel most days. A day in the life 5:30am Misterwheats gets up.. Read More

canada never looked so good

To say that I am shocked and disappointed by the results of yesterday’s U.S. election results would be an understatement. But I promised miniwheatmama that I would save the deeply political rant for a different venue so instead I want to talk about a happier topic that is loosely related to yesterday – the miniwheats. Yesterday I asked Thomas if he knew what a President was and his answer made.. Read More

fall family photos

So the weather turned chilly for just long enough (ahem, 2 days) for me to get my first sore throat of the year. Awesome! The upside is that regardless of the temperature outside, the retail world is in full fall force. There are a ton of sales happening right now, so now is the time to get your and your littles fall wardrobes situated. I made a boat load of.. Read More

mothers day gift guide

Today the hubs asked me if this weekend is Mothers Day, I responded with an eye roll. I’ve only been talking about Mothers Day and our plans for the past week! Well fellas and kiddos alike there is still time to get your Mama the best gift. Of course breakfast in bed with a side of mimosa’s and a day with no kids nagging, crying, fight or saying my name.. Read More

fake march break

Happy first day of spring! Ah it feels good to be able to say that and the balmly 5C feels even better. This week was March break around these parts and since neither Thomas nor Zoe attend school it was just another week for us. However, my niece is on spring break so we decided to invite her over for a few days, she and Thomas get along amazingly. Speaking of.. Read More

day dreaming

It’s Monday! According to Yahoo Weather it “feels like” -25C today, so naturally I’m cozied up on the sofa day dreaming of summer days and swimsuits. I am the worst at choosing a swimsuit and by worst I mean best because I just choose them all. I always have a good handful of swimsuits on deck as I love to mix it up. I have to admit that at the.. Read More