Things I’ve learned in my 36 years

I have the best family. The three best decisions I ever made, were marrying Mister_Wheats and creating our two miniwheats. There’s no need for lots of friends, just a few really really good ones. (you know who you are ladies) Date nights are very important. My commitment phobia is still going strong. Regular exercise and a healthy routine benefit you, and everyone around you. I loved being in my 20’s but.. Read More

happy birthday zoebug

It’s crazy to think that 3 years have come and gone and our little “I don’t want to sleep” bundle of joy is now a confident, boisterous, loving, bossy and sound sleeping(!) three year old. Happy Birthday Zoebug!     In true Zoe fashion, she was over the top excited to head to school today to celebrate her birthday with all of her friends, but not before kicking it off.. Read More

birthday celebrations all around

We’e back! Not sure why the hiatus other than “life got busy”, but we’re back. We spent all last week celebrating Thomas who turned FOUR on April 13. I don’t believe in birth-DAYS, I believe in birth-WEEKS, so we did little things all week long. There were plenty of treats, after school playdates and few extra little gifts, but hey, who’s keeping track. Thomas was super pumped about his birthday.. Read More

weekend wrap-up

Every weekend in October is spoken for except one (and that was the first one), which means our weekends are very very busy. We packed family photos, a wedding, a massive kid sleepover and a birthday celebration for our niece all into one weekend! The best decision I made was to stop drinking after dinner at the wedding, I had a blast and we danced all night, but I woke.. Read More

mid-week birthday party

We’ve had a few family gatherings lately and we’ve been calling them “parties” for the kids, and ever since Zoe learned that word she’s wanted to go to a party e v e r y d a y! I mean who wouldn’t. On our morning walks to school Zoe will ask “where going Mama?” and I’ll say “to school” and she will promptly correct me by very sternly saying “no!.. Read More

happiness is… blowing out candles

We rounded out Thomas’ birthday week with family and cake at my parents house. As I mentioned in this post, we kept it low key this year. I think all Thomas needs is a good cake and some candles because look at this face. Pure joy, I tell ya.  This guys loved all of his gifts and the bouncy castle at daycare but honestly, he just wanted to blow out candles… Read More

we have hit the three’s y’all

Thomas turned THREE yesterday and it was a glorious but funny day! I went all out Pinterest style for his 1st and 2nd birthday’s but I decided to go low key this year and I think his birthday was just as fantastic. To say that Thomas celebrated his birthday from sun up to sun down would be an understatement. Sunday night we pulled out the measuring stick that Papa made.. Read More