Things I’ve learned in my 36 years

I have the best family. The three best decisions I ever made, were marrying Mister_Wheats and creating our two miniwheats. There’s no need for lots of friends, just a few really really good ones. (you know who you are ladies) Date nights are very important. My commitment phobia is still going strong. Regular exercise and a healthy routine benefit you, and everyone around you. I loved being in my 20’s but.. Read More

a lil’ post U.S. election pixie dust

We’re three days post U.S. Election and judging from the Facebook posts and the general mood of those around me, I think we could all use a little pixie dust!   In effort to celebrate Miss Zoe turning 3 without it being overshadowed by packing, our move, the U.S, election, or the entire Christmas season, we threw her the baddest Princess party 6 weeks in advance of her actual birthday… Read More