Wife, mama, lover of fashion and decorating, sports enthusiast and a fierce competitor.

Born Canadian, married an American, produced two Canadian-American’s, Thomas and Zoe, currently residing in Toronto.  Our little family has grown from two to four in just over two years. It’s been amaizng, hard, breathtaking and humbling. I never new I could love two little people as much as I love T & Z. And my husband, Tremain, well I love him a million times more too.

Our journey started in Charlottesville, VA circa 2002, where I met my now husband. It was our fourth year, we were both RA’s in the dorms and Tremain was my senior resident. We hit it off immediately but we didn’t start dating until a few years later…… the actual date is a big debate topic, but it’s somewhere around fall 2005.

We graduated in 2003, I stayed in Charlottesville, Tremain went off to Texas, Florida, Las Vegas and DC, before we reconnected and moved in together in Charottesville (i.e. the best place on earth). We love Charlottesville and go back a couple of times per year. Tremain completed his MBA in 2010 from Darden at the University of Viriginia and we decided to relocated to Toronto to start our family and be closer to my family.

Alas, four years later here we are: still in Toronto, have lived in 4 houses, and now have 2 kids!

I’m on the home stretch of my second maternity leave and I’ve been reading plenty of blogs over the past year(s) and I decided to start my own. Things aren’t always pretty or easy over here but they are real and filled with love. I’m an expert on nothing, this blog is purely a documentation of our famiies’ goings-on, life, fashion, decor and any other thing that catches my eye. This blog is a place to come and connect and feel support, because we all know, being a mom aint always easy.

Follow along, comment, take it with a grain of salt, and simply enjoy!

all the best until soon