summer wrap up

We are officially into September which means the mini-wheats have started preschool and I have begun singing them up for fall sports and activities and I’ve already started picking up winter gear items. Sad but true.  But looking back, we definitely made the most of summer and we ticked off a lot of our bucket list items. A few things left to do, and we might just squeeze them in before.. Read More

mini-wheats’ first day of preschool

And just like that we wrapped up summer with a super hot, pool filled weekend and sent the kids off to preschool. As I’ve mentioned before our super amazing nanny headed off to grad school and so we were left to decide what type of child care we wanted for Thomas and Zoe. We interviewed a bunch of candidates but none really even came close to Morgan’s calibre, those are.. Read More

h i a t u s

We’re back from an impromptu (but very much needed) hiatus. Somehow the whirlwind of summer swept us up and we were all of a sudden crazy busy and the days seemed too jam packed to squeeze anything else in. I guess that’s a good thing, to be too busy during the summer months to sit inside and blog.  The month long hiatus was filled with fun. We knocked a few.. Read More

mini wheat adventures

Our goal for the summer has been to take advantage of the great city we live in and  try to do as many new things as possible. One or both of us have been off every Friday in July, on these days we do adventures. Thomas gets super pumped leading up to adventure days and loves to brainstorm up ideas for these fun days together.  Last Friday we decided to.. Read More

weekend wrap-up

Loaded and extended weekend. We enjoyed a 3-day weekend and what a difference that extra day makes. It felt like we were weekend-ing forever and it was fantastic. Zoe says “three day weekends forever”!  The hubs and I both took Friday off and headed to Toronto Island for an adventure day with the kiddos. More on that later in the week, but it involved a ferry boat ride and was.. Read More

mini-wheat kisses & disses

We are in total summer mode over here and although the hubs and I work full time, we’ve managed to fit summer in every way we can. Here is a little mid-week edition of kisses and disses, and a whole lotta curls that I’ve been missing, enjoy!  //Kisses// 1. Zoe has decided to become a SLEEPER! Like an all-through-the-night sleeper, halleluja! 2. Mid-week wine hangs with good friends. 3. A super awesome trip to NYC.. Read More

Weekend wrap-up

Weekends should be 3 days long, just sayin’. We had a glorious, sun-shiny weekend filled with popsicles, pizza, swimming pools and great company. The weekend was super HOT and it was perfect. We spent the better part of Saturday and Sunday literally submerged in my parents pool. Thomas and Zoe are obsessed with swimming and love being in the pool. Both spent a lot of time jumping off the diving board.. Read More

c a n a d a – d a y

A statutory holiday in the middle of the work week, yes please! We took advantage of our early risers and headed to the Toronto Zoo to kick off Canada Day. Having young kids who wake up early served us well, we entered the Zoo and had it mostly to ourselves until about 11:30, just as we were packing up to head home for lunch. Anything to do with animals keeps.. Read More

mama’s weekend getaway

A couple weekends back I packed up the hubs and the kids and sent them to my parents house, then I packed myself up and headed north with some of my girlfriends for a weekend away. It was 48hrs of being just me. Not a mom, not a wife, not a cleaning lady, a diaper changer, not a meal maker… just me, and for those 48hrs of pure heaven.  We.. Read More


Our Freshly Picked giveaway starts today. Head on over and follow me on Instagram for details on how to enter. In the meantime, here is Zoe rockin’ her Salt Water Taffy Mocs at the beach on Fathers Day.