mom truth monday

Mom truth: When the hubs is away on business we eat cereal for every meal. It started waaaay before we had kids. Anytime the hubs was out of town for work, pleasure or what have you, I would skip the grocery run and exist solely on cereal. The hubs doesn’t realize that even though we don’t like when he’s gone, we do love eating cereal. That’s Thomas’ evil happy laugh.. Read More

mid-week birthday party

We’ve had a few family gatherings lately and we’ve been calling them “parties” for the kids, and ever since Zoe learned that word she’s wanted to go to a party e v e r y d a y! I mean who wouldn’t. On our morning walks to school Zoe will ask “where going Mama?” and I’ll say “to school” and she will promptly correct me by very sternly saying “no!.. Read More

weekend wrap up

So exactly one day after I was bragging to my girlfriend about how the hubs hasn’t traveled much in the past 7 months, the hubs tells me he’s going to Singapore for a week; and he’s leaving on a FRIDAY! That meant I got to kickoff flying solo for a week, with 48 straight hours of mama and kid time. Glug glug glug.  Typically when this happens I pack up and.. Read More

mom truth monday

You know those days when things just aren’t going according to plan or something has happened that just doesn’t make you feel as awesome as you are? Well on those days I look to my kids for a little something extra.   Rain boots : Camo Pants : Handmade Sweater Mom truth: I fake crying to get affection. I’m often rudely denied hugs or kisses by the toddler dictators, which is so.. Read More

mom truth monday

This is exactly how I feel at 5pm on weekends (sometimes on weeknights too), when I realize we’ve spent the last 10 hours together: happy, yelling, snuggling, playing, battling, laughing etc. and I realize we still have TWO-more hours to go. I look at the hubs and say “it’s only two more hours, we got this!” Or sometimes, if it’s really been a long day, we just say the heck.. Read More

weekend wrap-up

A late in the week, weekend wrap-up!    This twirly seat we found at the park spins surprisingly fast. Thomas was the first to try it out and when we lifted him off, he literally fell face first into the sand. I was crying laughing. Then daddy had to give it a whirl and honestly, could Thomas BE any HAPPIER! #simplepleasures We kicked off the weekend (pun intended) with Thomas.. Read More

mom truth monday

** n e w   s e r i e s ** This parenting thing is hard at times and it’s hilarious at times and it’s super frustrating at times and then there’s all the loved filled moments in between all these times. I’ve found  comfort in talking “real talk” with my girlfriends about our successes and failures as mom’s, wives, and just plain humans. So today and regularly on.. Read More

flash back friday

A little flash back Friday post for y’all to many many weekends spent at my parents house lounging by the pool, and to Thomas and Zoe malling their baby cousin Avery. Avery is now four months old and is the hot commodity at all family gatherings. Thomas and Zoe are so smitten with her it’s unbelievable. Great-granny is also quite smitten, but with those cheeks and pouty lips, how could.. Read More

fall family photos

So the weather turned chilly for just long enough (ahem, 2 days) for me to get my first sore throat of the year. Awesome! The upside is that regardless of the temperature outside, the retail world is in full fall force. There are a ton of sales happening right now, so now is the time to get your and your littles fall wardrobes situated. I made a boat load of.. Read More

weekend wrap-up

The sudden switch from hot humid summer weather to rainy cool fall weather called for homemade soup making, baking, visits with friends and bundled up trips to the park in between rain showers. We wrapped up our week by heading out of work a bit early on Friday and hitting up the park with the kiddos, followed by a quick dinner out. Saturday was a constant drizzle of rain and.. Read More