FIVE weeks till Christmas

That’s right people, there are only FIVE weeks until Christmas! I am simultaneously ecstatic and and terrified. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas and I cannot wait for the holiday season to be fully upon us, however, my A-type personality goes into straight panic at the thought of ALL THINGS that need to get done between now and then. I’ve made a list, oh yes, my list is very detailed and I have.. Read More

weekend wrap-up

It seems that all our weekends from here on out are jam packed and this past one was no different. We kicked off the weekend by taking the day off on Friday to do a late fall version of “spring cleaning”. With the influx of stuff that will be coming into the house over the holidays I was seconds away from having a panic attack due to clutter and claustrophobia… Read More

mom truth monday

Happy Monday y’all, It’s mom truth Monday! Mom truth: Lately it seems I have to go full on “momster” in order to get anyone to listen to me.  This is what life has seemed like lately: I make a request —–> Nobody listens I make a request —–> Nobody listens I make a request —–> Nobody listens I make a request —–> Nobody listens I scream my F*c%ing head off.. Read More

lonnng overdue… halloween

It’s mid November, we are gearing up for a trip to the Virgin Islands to spend Thanksgiving with family and I’m frantically trying to work, blog, pack, organize Zoe’s 2nd birthday party and get all of our Christmas gifts bought and wrapped. This is why it’s mid November and we’re just now sharing our Halloween with y’all.  The kids were totally into Halloween this year, we spent it with our.. Read More

mom truth monday

It’s Monday and it’s also November. That means that Halloween everything is over, US Thanksgiving is right around the corner and our Caribbean vacation is quickly approaching. This November is going to fly by, but for now, another Mom truth Monday.  Mom truth: It’s November 2nd, which means it’s time for everything Christmas. I’m already jamming to Christmas music and I’d have my tree up too except the (American) hubs won’t.. Read More

pumpkin carving

We did a little mid-week pumpkin carving to get ready for Halloween. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a huge Halloween fan, but I can see getting more and more into it as the kids get older and more excited about it. The crew was super pumped for carving and of course picked out ginormous pumpkins. This resulted in the hubs and I doing a whole lot of pumpkin guts.. Read More

save yourself from daylight savings

Twice a year we parents are faced with the dreaded “daylight savings” fiasco. For some kids this is a breeze and for others it’s the perfect storm for sleepless nights and grouchy days. Thomas has been a rockstar sleeper from the get-go, but little Miss Zoe likes to keep everyone on their toes. We ended up hiring a sleep consultant when Zoe was 5 months old to help us sleep.. Read More

mom truth monday

Mom truth: I love to scare the Sh@$ out of Thomas and I take every opportunity to do so. In light of it being Halloween week I thought I’d take the opportunity to confess that I LOVE to scare the Sh$t out of Thomas . I’m not sure when it started, but the very first time I scared him he literally jumped and instantly had tears rolling down his cheeks. I.. Read More

mini wheat kisses & disses

//Kisses// 1. We had a night out alone and didn’t have to wake up to kids in the morning 2. We’re fully integrated and adjusted at Montessori and the kids run in every morning 3.We’ve been walking the kids to school and logging 2.4 miles everyday 4. There are only 9 Saturday’s until Christmas! 5. We will be soaking up the sun in the Virgin Islands in just 5 weeks. Celebrating Thanksgiving and spending time with.. Read More

weekend wrap-up

Every weekend in October is spoken for except one (and that was the first one), which means our weekends are very very busy. We packed family photos, a wedding, a massive kid sleepover and a birthday celebration for our niece all into one weekend! The best decision I made was to stop drinking after dinner at the wedding, I had a blast and we danced all night, but I woke.. Read More