Valentines Day + Family Day

We are just wrapping up a 3-day weekend thanks to the provincial holiday of Family Day. We celebrated a lot this week, including Valentines Day + Family Day, my Dad’s birthday, and my Grandma’s birthday . The kids rocked a variety of Valentines themed outfits and lots and lots of red to school, I love dressing them for occasions. And for some reason lately, whenever I asked for a picture,.. Read More

mom truth monday – capsule wardrobe

mom-truth: I forgot how to shop for myself. No really, I can flip through sites blindfolded to find exactly what I want for my kids (and I do), but somewhere between dressing for two pregnancies and having two toddlers that suck every ounce of brain space out of me, I literally forgot how to shop for myself. I am all of a sudden a deer in headlights in a space where.. Read More

Groundhog day and a birthday bash

Every year when Groundhog Day rolls around we are either celebrating one thing or two. Today my Grama (and Zoe’s namesake) turned 78 years young! Wireton Willie predicts 6 more weeks of winter while Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow and is looking forward to an early spring. Even though I live in Canada, I’m going to go ahead and put my faith in Punxsutawney Phil and start my countdown to.. Read More

Valentines outfit inpiration

Although I don’t love Valentines Day I do love dressing my kiddos up for the occasion and spoiling them with fun Valentine themed breakfasts. We have amassed a good collection of valentines outfits, but nobody loves a repeat outfit so here is some Valentines outfit inspiration for dressing your littles on love day. This year Valentines Day falls on a Sunday, so instead of booking a sitter and heading out.. Read More

mom-truth monday – cutting the crust off bread

mom-truth: Cutting the crust off of bread….is literally the bane of my existence. l don’t know how kids know, but they know. I’m convinced it’s some sort of kid conspiracy or something because all kids instinctively know that you never eat the forbidden “crust”. We need one of these or these stat. I mean it must be some rite of passage and it must be passed down from kid to kid.. Read More

Peppa Pig Birthday Party

We celebrated Zoe turning two with a Peppa Pig birthday party and a #2 sparkler candle, one went over better than the other! Peppa is basically a third child of ours (along with the entire cast of Paw Patrol), so a Peppa Pig birthday party was a no brainer. We were doing some Christmas shopping back in November at ToyRus when we stumbled upon the mother load of Peppa Pig toys.. Read More

mom truth monday : my cure-all for my kids aches & pains

A belated happy new year to you all! We had a very long, very busy holiday season and a whole lot of family time. We’re back to reality tomorrow, heading off to work and school and as much as I loved the holidays together I’m definitely looking forward to getting back into our daily routine. What can I say I love a schedule.We ate a lot of food, visited with.. Read More

Santa Pictures & Christmas Playlist

No matter how early I start my Christmas shopping and holiday prep (and I start in late October) I am still running around the week before Christmas doing last minute things. How does this happen? Adele has hijacked our normal 24hr Christmas music ritual but we have managed to squeeze our Christmas playlist in here and there too. Ever since my sister-in-law’s post wedding beach party last December in St.Thomas, Virgin.. Read More

and just like that, she’s two!

Happy Monday indeed! Today we celebrate our very precocious, majorly bossy, super loving and sweet little Zoe-bug who is officially two today! It’s so cliche to say but as l-o-n-g and as t-i-r-i-n-g as Zoe has made these last two years feel, they have simultaneously flown by in a blink of an eye. We are so so in love with our little Zoe-bug, life just wouldn’t be as good without her.  This.. Read More


Happy Thanksgiving from the mini-wheats who are celebrating the holiday with family and soaking up every ounce of beach that we can. We are so thankful for many things, but our health, safety and family top the list, in addition to time we get to spend with those we don’t get to see often.  We’ve had a few great beach days already and we’re heading there now for a pre Thanksgiving.. Read More