designing Thomas’ big boy room

We have exactly 14 days until we move into our new house and I am knee-deep in packing while simultaneously designing Thomas’ big boy room whilst also ordering Christmas presents. I am so excited to design this room for Thomas because although we transitioned him to a big bed 2 years ago, his decor is still mostly stuff from his nursery 🙁 I’m particularly excited because my Grandma has gifted.. Read More

a lil’ post U.S. election pixie dust

We’re three days post U.S. Election and judging from the Facebook posts and the general mood of those around me, I think we could all use a little pixie dust!   In effort to celebrate Miss Zoe turning 3 without it being overshadowed by packing, our move, the U.S, election, or the entire Christmas season, we threw her the baddest Princess party 6 weeks in advance of her actual birthday… Read More

canada never looked so good

To say that I am shocked and disappointed by the results of yesterday’s U.S. election results would be an understatement. But I promised miniwheatmama that I would save the deeply political rant for a different venue so instead I want to talk about a happier topic that is loosely related to yesterday – the miniwheats. Yesterday I asked Thomas if he knew what a President was and his answer made.. Read More

interior design : Zoe’s big girl room

I’m in full-on interior design mode. First order of business is designing the kids’ bedrooms, we want to make sure they have their own unique spaces in the new house. I’m not a pro, but I do love decorating and pulling together rooms. For some reason I find it much easier to do the kids’ bedrooms than the master. So I’ve been all over Pinterest trying to create the perfect.. Read More

mom-truth monday: we scare our kids

mom-truth: Halloween is literally one of my least favourite holidays, but I have to admit the miniwheats look damn cute when in full costume. I’ve mentioned here how much I love to scare my kids, like the hide in the shower and jump out screaming kinda scare, it gives me joy which is a bit twisted I know. MisterWheats used to scold me for doing this, but more recently he has.. Read More

a (gaming dad’s) dream come true

The two “dad moments” I’m the most excited about since having kids are watching them play sports and playing video games with them. You’ll be hearing a lot more about that first one soon but this post is about gaming. The highlight of my week was when miniwheatmama sent me this Slack chat (yeah we have a family Slack account – more on that another time):   This is not just permission to.. Read More

dumb house, smart house

Hello friends. Miniwheatmama is allowing another voice to share this corner of the web (i.e. she told me “you’re going to start writing posts for the blog”). Allow me to formally introduce myself – I have made semi-frequent appearances on this blog under the catchy title of “the hubs”. Now that I am more than just an accessory it seems appropriate to have my own nifty call sign so I’ll be.. Read More

private sale, bidding war avoided

We debated buying a house for well over a year and our patience finally paid off. We bought a house via a private sale, hallelujah! We are beyond excited to move our little mini-wheats into this house and to finally build our family home. For the first time, Thomas and Zoe have an actual backyard of their very own, bedrooms that they can grow into, a pool to make memories in.. Read More

Life lately

We’ve been busy, really busy. It feels like we’ve had event after event and many many birthdays. We’re not complaining, we’re just really looking forward to a breather. Life lately has looked like this:   I turned 36 and the hubs and I spent a weekend in the city alone We welcomed another niece into the world and we can’t wait to meet her in July We had a fun filled Easter.. Read More

birthday celebrations all around

We’e back! Not sure why the hiatus other than “life got busy”, but we’re back. We spent all last week celebrating Thomas who turned FOUR on April 13. I don’t believe in birth-DAYS, I believe in birth-WEEKS, so we did little things all week long. There were plenty of treats, after school playdates and few extra little gifts, but hey, who’s keeping track. Thomas was super pumped about his birthday.. Read More