A party with the sharks!

Tis the season for Holiday parties and I must admit we have a full calendar. We kicked of the season with a mid week Kids Christmas party hosted by Trey’s company. I’ll be honest, when I read the invite and saw the party would be at Ripley’s Aquarium I did a happy dance, I immediately stopped said happy dance upon reading that the party was from 4:30-7:30 on a Tuesday… Read More

Mini-wheat weekend

This past weekend we were blessed with very mild temps for the end of November (which we took full advantage of), however, we were equally blessed (cursed?) with hacky coughs and running noses and a whole lot of whining. Amongst the whining and the nose wiping we managed to get a lot done. At the request of our 2.5 yr old we put up our Christmas tree. The outcome was.. Read More

Impromptu family photos

Fall has been jammed packed right from the get-go. We’ve had something booked every weekend since September 20th. To say that October went by in a blink of an eye is a serious understatement. I’m not huge into Halloween, now Christmas, that’s my jam. I love to have the house decorated, thoughtful presents bought and wrapped perfectly, a good long baking day with my Grama and my Christmas cards complete.. Read More

Sneak peak party prep

Happy Black Friday y’all. Instead of rushing out to join the crowds I put together a quick sneak peak of Miss Zoe’s birthday preparations. If you’re too stuffed from Thanksgiving to leave the sofa today, grab a coffee and cozy up and see what’ we have planned. If I’m being honest having a child with a birthday in December is very low on the awesome scale. Be have no one.. Read More

Pumpkin Patch

Ironically I don’t love Halloween but I do love pumpkin patches and all the fall activities that accompany the season. We loaded the kiddos up bright and early on a Saturday and headed to our local pumpkin patch and we could not have asked for a better day. It was hot. We were in long clothes but we were a sweatin’. As expected fun was had by all. Thomas is obsessed.. Read More

Canadian Thanksgiving

We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving at my Grama’s house this year. We always rotate houses and this year we “hosted” turkey day with my Grama. Our crew was considerably slimmer this year, we were missing a total of 13 people, it makes a big difference. Although we missed some folks we still had a great time and indulged in way too much food. I decided a little festive decor was in.. Read More

Flying Solo

We love to travel and we love to spend time with friends. When I was on maternity leave with Thomas we took trips to St.Thomas, VI, New Jersey and Virginia. So I felt it was only natural to continue the trend so I planned a girls weekend with Zoe. Charlottesville, VA is one of our most favorite places in the world. Tremain and I went to The University of Virginia.. Read More

Go the F@%$ to sleep

The powers of the universe played an evil trick on us when they blessed us with Thomas, the kid that sleeps and sleeps and sleeps. It’s an evil trick because the kid slept for 12 straight hours every night from 7 weeks onward (no sleep regression over here folks praise Jesus), but baby #2 well that was a bit of a shit show to start. Our little Zoe, the sleep.. Read More

Adding number two

Our kids are 20 months apart. We planned it that way and I’m glad we did. My A-type personality would not function well with kids with vast age differences. I always knew I couldn’t have just one baby, so a second was a very natural next step. I never gave it much thought, other than “yep, we’re having another baby, this’ll be great for both of them”. I never knew.. Read More

This is us.

  It feels like we’ve been together a million years (in a good way) but in reality we’re only coming up on a year as a family of four. Whether or not we’ll remain the fab four is still up for debate, but for now things are pretty fantastic….. except when they’re not. I’m certain that parents of toddlers across the globe share this sentiment. Am I right, or am.. Read More