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pancake tuesday & a polar vortex

This past week was a four day week and it flew by especially fast. We kicked it off by celebrating  Pancake Tuesday we do this every year, but the timing couldn’t have worked out better because I had absolutely zero groceries in the house. I whipped up some batter, did a quick fruit run with Thomas and Zoe and dinner was done. Pancakes for any meal goes a long way in our.. Read More

funny little valentines

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Valentines Day is one of my least favourite holidays, it’s just so contrived. I do however, like celebrating the holiday with my little ones. Valentines Day coincided with Family Day weekend here in Canada and so we were able to enjoy an extra long weekend together. I may be biased but is there anything more precious than seeing moments like these.. Read More

valentines day prep

The kids did a mid-week Valentines party last week with our nanny as she was taking off on Wednesday night for an extra long weekend of skiing and relaxing. Sigh, so jealous. So that meant I spent some time early in the week prepping. For her gift, I opted for homemade shortbread cookies, chocolate, Essie nail polish all stuffed into a DIY coffee mug. Our fantastic nanny loved all of it, I.. Read More

mini-wheat weekend

For some reason unknown to us our kids have been waking up at 5am on the dot for the past month. Yes, I said 5am and yes, I said for the past month. ugh! This is especially sucky on weekends where 48hrs already feels like 96hrs, and those hours go by slowly. Friday night Thomas took to wearing my toque and looked like quite the hipster. Zoe kept trying.. Read More

a blur of a week

Last week was a blur, but we made it. Trey was out of town all week, so I was flying solo with the kids, this means sleepovers, brinners and lots of hanging out with no pants on. An of course lots of post bath selfies. In addition to that, I was interviewing my a$$ off. The company I work for closed, although we have known since December the announcement went.. Read More

Mini-wheat weekend

We kicked off the weekend with a wild Friday night of pizza making for all and wine for us. Thomas was all business and loved spreading eating the cheese and pepperoni. And as soon as he started making his pizza he started asking if it was ready. I mean he asked 100 bazillion times. GAH! Zoe bossed everyone around without using any words and ate the pizza like a boss… Read More

friday favorites

The past few weeks have been crazy to say the least, and this past week was a very hectic blur (more on this coming soon). I’m a big believer in the age old saying “better late than never”,  so with that and a glass of wine in hand, I give you a few of my Friday Faves… I take a ton of photos and most of them are of the.. Read More

Mini-wheat weekend

We had a great weekend, sometimes just staying home makes all the difference. We travel a lot, and it was really nice to just be in our own space this weekend. The kids can sometimes get stir crazy on the weekends but they were exceptional this weekend and we had a blast together.   For the win: A successful family trip to run some errands and grab coffee, no meltdowns,.. Read More

festive preparations

We are officially one month away from Valentine’s day, and while this is one of my least favorite holidays to celebrate as an adult, I really love to celebrate with the kiddos. Since starting a family in 2012 I’ve been super into celebrating holidays and dressing the kids in festive pj’s and shirts, reading holiday themed books and indulging in holiday specific treats. On Valentines morning we will dig into.. Read More

mini-wheat travels

Today marks one month since Zoe turned one, and also since we went on vacation to St.Thomas, V.I. It certainly doesn’t feel like a month ago. We generally get to St. Thomas twice a year to visit Trey’s family (typically March/October) . This year, we stretched things a little so that we could be on island for Trey’s sister Anna’s wedding on Dec 20. The long travel days are always.. Read More