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Things I’ve learned in my 36 years

I have the best family. The three best decisions I ever made, were marrying Mister_Wheats and creating our two miniwheats. There’s no need for lots of friends, just a few really really good ones. (you know who you are ladies) Date nights are very important. My commitment phobia is still going strong. Regular exercise and a healthy routine benefit you, and everyone around you. I loved being in my 20’s but.. Read More

a day in the life

Some days we really feel like we have this whole kid thing down, like our daily routine is a well-oiled machine. But other days, we look at each other and wonder WTF are we doing?! So today we’re sharing what a day in the life with the Miniwheats looks like. Ever feel like this? Admittedly, this is how I feel most days. A day in the life 5:30am Misterwheats gets up.. Read More

Family Day and spring like temps

We just finished a 3 day weekend celebrating Family Day here in Ontario, and it was fantastic. Spending three straight days with the the miniwheats was just what we needed. The weather blessed us with double digit temps, we hosted many friends for drinks and good eats and organized and cleaned and snuggled and enjoyed just being at home, together.  We think all weeks should be four days on 3.. Read More

happy birthday zoebug

It’s crazy to think that 3 years have come and gone and our little “I don’t want to sleep” bundle of joy is now a confident, boisterous, loving, bossy and sound sleeping(!) three year old. Happy Birthday Zoebug!     In true Zoe fashion, she was over the top excited to head to school today to celebrate her birthday with all of her friends, but not before kicking it off.. Read More

mom truth monday – pj’s all day

mom-truth: I’m a bit obsessed with kids pj’s and I always have the miniwheats in seasonal jammies. Some weekend days the miniwheats never make it out of their jammies, and truth be told, if I looked half as cute as them in fitted pj’s I’d definitely try my best to never change out of them either.  Some of my favourite holiday pj’s this year are: 1 , 2, 3, 4,.. Read More

things we are thankful for

Although we are a bit sad to not be in ‘Murica watching football with our best friends, eating way too much food celebrating Thanksgiving, we definitely still have a lot to be thankful for. We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and we hope that you’ll see that we all have a lot to be thankful for . Sweater : Ballet Dress : Shirt The miniwheats : they sometimes drive us crazy.. Read More

mom truth monday – i am that mom

mom-truth: Misterwheats says I’m a “jelly donut” when it comes to the Miniwheats; meaning I am way too soft on the kids and that he is left to do the discipline. Welp, if that is true, then the tables completely flip when it comes to the Miniwheats and sports. I am that mom. I absolutely cannot handle the “mopey face” or the whining or the crying. “There is no crying in.. Read More

Friday Favourites

We made it through a tough one people so alas here are some Friday Favourites, and as good of a coordinated jump picture as the miniwheats would allow, enjoy! I am excited to put our new bar cart to work sampling this and this. I’m having a super hard time staying away from this Anthro home decor sale. Absolutely obsessed with this vintage inspired superhero line from GAP.  Zoe and Thomas have.. Read More

designing Thomas’ big boy room

We have exactly 14 days until we move into our new house and I am knee-deep in packing while simultaneously designing Thomas’ big boy room whilst also ordering Christmas presents. I am so excited to design this room for Thomas because although we transitioned him to a big bed 2 years ago, his decor is still mostly stuff from his nursery 🙁 I’m particularly excited because my Grandma has gifted.. Read More

a lil’ post U.S. election pixie dust

We’re three days post U.S. Election and judging from the Facebook posts and the general mood of those around me, I think we could all use a little pixie dust!   In effort to celebrate Miss Zoe turning 3 without it being overshadowed by packing, our move, the U.S, election, or the entire Christmas season, we threw her the baddest Princess party 6 weeks in advance of her actual birthday… Read More