mom-truth: I’m a bit obsessed with kids pj’s and I always have the miniwheats in seasonal jammies. Some weekend days the miniwheats never make it out of their jammies, and truth be told, if I looked half as cute as them in fitted pj’s I’d definitely try my best to never change out of them either. Zoe PJ Christmas tree farm

Some of my favourite holiday pj’s this year are: 1 , 2, 3, 4, and I wouldn’t mind a these for myself either!PJ day gingerbread house

Sometimes we do “all the things” in our jammies, like make a gingerbread house or go out to get our Christmas tree.PJ day Christmas tree Thomas

I think my love for cute pj’s has rubbed off on them because Thomas has asked a few times to wear his jammies to school, but that’s where I draw the line people.


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