Although we are a bit sad to not be in ‘Murica watching football with our best friends, eating way too much food celebrating Thanksgiving, we definitely still have a lot to be thankful for. We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and we hope that you’ll see that we all have a lot to be thankful for .


Sweater : Ballet Dress : Shirt

The miniwheats : they sometimes drive us crazy but gah! do we love ’em.

Our awesome families : they have supported and guided us through a lot this year and we are very grateful for that. A big Happy Thanksgiving to the ‘Murica bunch.

Our new house : 6 more days till we move in and make it our home

Moving out of our old house : 6 more days till we’re outta here!

Papa Scotty : for being the most generous and extraordinary handyman

Starbucks Coffee : for helping us make it through each day

GoodLife Fitness + a bit of self discipline : for helping us live healthier

(Since November 8th) Living in Canada (see here in case you missed it)


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