It’s hard to believe that Christmas is only 32 days away! If you’re a (slightly OCD) planner like miniwheatmama you’ve probably already finished all of your holiday shopping. But if you need some inspiration on gifts for the man or men in your life, please check out my 2016 Holiday Gift Guide below.




Shirts: Under Armour Star Wars Collection

Dear Under Armour: Please add some Jedi gear to this collection for the non-Imperialists among us.

Gloves: Moshi Digits or NorthFace Thermoball etipI

really need a new pair of gloves and being able to use my phone with them is a must have during the increasingly frequent Polar Vortexes we get up here.

Shoes: Allbirds

I’d want to try them on first to confirm they feel as nice as they sound in the description but they look cool.


Home & Work:

Pillow: Buckwheat pillow

I’ve never tried one of these but they sound really cool.

Audio:  Polk Omni S2 wireless speaker

A budget friendly alternative to Sonos for adding wireless music to your home.

Bag: Pad and Quill Attaché Bag

As much as I love my NorthFace backpack it might be time to start carrying something a little more professional.


Accessory: Blue Yeti Microphone

As miniwheatmama and I start doing more video stuff I think it would be great to have an external microphone. Buy this for the podcaster in your life.

Smart Home: Amazon Echo Dot

I think even miniwheatmama is coming around to how awesome it is to turn the lights on/off with just a voice command. Keep an eye out for an extended blog post on voice control for the smart home.

Headphones: Beats Solo 3

I’m more of a Bose guy generally, but as a devoted Apple person, the seamless ease of use of these (because of the embedded W1 chip that automatically pairs with your devices) might get me to swtich over. (I’d have to go with Beats, because let’s be honest the AirPods look ridiculous).

Reading: Kindle Paperwhite

Best way to read, period.


Gaming: Nintendo NES Classic Edition

Nostalgia overload, nuf said.

Gaming: PlayStation VR

If I had any free time for advanced gaming I would be spending significant effort trying to convince miniwheatmama that we really need one of these.

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