mom-truth: Misterwheats says I’m a “jelly donut” when it comes to the Miniwheats; meaning I am way too soft on the kids and that he is left to do the discipline. Welp, if that is true, then the tables completely flip when it comes to the Miniwheats and sports. I am that mom. I absolutely cannot handle the “mopey face” or the whining or the crying. “There is no crying in baseball” or any other sport for that matter. (unless you really give it your all and still lose, I guess you might cry then)  

Hockey mom

Every Saturday since the start of October we take Thomas to hockey. Every Saturday is the same: we’re at home talking about hockey and how fun it is and he’s all for it. Then as the time draws closer he slowly morphs into Mopey-Matt and simultaneously I start to lose my patience/mind. We get to the arena and the watery eyes start, and then I get the sweats and my patience gets even thinner. This Saturday was no exception, except that Misterwheats pulled one of the coaches aside and told him that Thomas is a great skater but for some reason lacks the confidence to participate in the intermediate group as opposed to the beginner learn to skate group. Coach Gord said he’d personally see to it that Thomas made it to the right group.

In a last ditch effort to encourage Thomas to go on the ice with a little more sugar than spice (as requested by Misterwheats) I nudge him towards Coach Gord and like a stubborn mule he doesn’t budge. I’m done, I nudge him again and firmly state, “there’s no crying in hockey” and then Coach Gord immediately says “or in baseball”. I instantly love Coach Gord.

Long story short,  Coach Gord takes Thomas by the hand to the middle group, Thomas does every drill really well, skates around pylons, skates backwards, jumps over hockey sticks, actually gets the puck, all with a HUGE grin on his face. He actually participates and does well in the harder group, can you believe it?!? All the while I am that mom jumping up and down in the bleachers cheering and fist pumping. I was so so proud of him for actually trying and doing, that I almost burst into tears.

And if you can believe it, when Thomas came off the ice he looked me straight in the face and said “mom, I’m like, a hockey star”! Is this kid for real?

So although this weekend started out the same it ended dramatically different and this is the reason I am that mom.


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