We have exactly 14 days until we move into our new house and I am knee-deep in packing while simultaneously designing Thomas’ big boy room whilst also ordering Christmas presents.

I am so excited to design this room for Thomas because although we transitioned him to a big bed 2 years ago, his decor is still mostly stuff from his nursery 🙁 I’m particularly excited because my Grandma has gifted us with a metal bed that was my Opa’s, and has been in her house since long before I was born. A fresh coat of black paint will do the trick though!thomas_bedroom_untitled-2

Sheets : Finials : Bookshelf : Basketball : Lamp : Sheets : Dresser: Rug : Bedframe (similar to gifted one) : French Ticking : Map : Footstool : Hudson Bay Blanket : Light Sabre Holder : Bedding

The only thing that Thomas has told me he wants is for his room to be blue. I can certainly understand wanting a room in your favourite colour, but I am currently waffling between a bold blue dresser or accent wall. Since he is so into the world and countries and knowing where animals live, I had my good friend pick up one of those old roll maps that hang above chalkboards in schools. I know he is going to be super pumped to see it on his wall. I also kinda like the idea of taking a functional item and making it beautiful but fun.

I really want this room to be his own and to have some longevity, so I went with a cowhide rug, black buffalo check duvet and shams & classic drapes that can be used with many different colour schemes and decor. While I want the room to last, I also want Thomas to be a kid and I want his room to be a place he really loves being. The Pillowfort line from Target has really come through for me again as I was able to pick up two pairs of well designed but very fun sheets for him.

The kids don’t have many toys in their rooms but I am planning to make a Lego table for him to keep in his room and to add some sort of cool shelving for all of his books. I think I may even dare to take him shopping with me so that he can pick out a couple of items himself so that he really feels like he helped create his spot! And let’s be honest, don’t we all want a Light Sabre holder in our room!

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