To say that I am shocked and disappointed by the results of yesterday’s U.S. election results would be an understatement.


But I promised miniwheatmama that I would save the deeply political rant for a different venue so instead I want to talk about a happier topic that is loosely related to yesterday – the miniwheats.

Yesterday I asked Thomas if he knew what a President was and his answer made me chuckle in the way only an unintentionally hilarious 4-year old can when he said completely straight faced “Are those the guys that look like statues?” There is so much embedded in that answer that you could unpack but I just got a nice laugh at the innocence of this perspective.

Today I am relieved that my kids are too young to fully understand the meaning of elections and politics. I came home from an early morning gym session and told them that Daddy was feeling sad and really needed the biggest hugs they could give me. As I grabbed them in my arms they asked me why I was sad and I just told them that some day when they were a bit older I would explain it all to them.

As I held them close to me I felt a surprising sense of relief and hope. Surprising, because my first thought when I woke up this morning was a profound sense of fear about the trajectory of the United States and the world more broadly and what that could mean for them as they grow up. But I also felt hope because I cling to the (possibly naively) optimistic belief that the tides of technological and cultural progress that have made the world a better place for ethnic minorities, women, members of the LGBTQ community, the abjectly poor, oppressed religious groups, and other once marginalized members of society might be temporarily slowed by recent events but that my children’s generation will be the one that advances things to a point of no return. I actually look forward to the day that I can talk to them about yesterday and explain how I felt and how it influenced the course of history to the moment we were having that conversation. (I say only half-joking that I genuinely hope nothing catastrophic happens between now and then that would prevent me from even having the chance to have that talk).

That’s probably already way more political than I am allowed to get so I will end this on a cheerier note: I have never been more excited about living in Canada than I do today! Apparently the Canadian Immigration website crashed as the election results were being broadcast due to overwhelming interest from people seeing if they could find refuge in the Great White* North. Well fortunately the miniwheats family is already here. To my American friends and family: We do have a spare room in our new place so if you don’t think you can bear it to stay in the States for the next four years you can come crash with us – but I have to warn you: the winters are absolutely brutal 🙁


*Just to be clear that label is a reference to the snowy weather, not the demographic profile. One of my favorite parts about living in Canada (specifically Toronto – other parts of Canada don’t necessarily share this quality) is that it is a melting pot of diversity and (overwhelmingly) embraces cultural differences.

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