I’m in full-on interior design mode. First order of business is designing the kids’ bedrooms, we want to make sure they have their own unique spaces in the new house.

I’m not a pro, but I do love decorating and pulling together rooms. For some reason I find it much easier to do the kids’ bedrooms than the master. So I’ve been all over Pinterest trying to create the perfect big girl room for Zoe. Since Marcia (former homeowner) gifted Zoe a beautiful antique brass bed, I decided to use it as the inspiration.

big girl bedroom




Wallpaper : Arrows : Fur Stool : Artwork : Sheets : Chairs : Bed (similar to gifted) : Dresser (similar to one we have) : Rug : Lamp : Pillow : Curtains : Marquee Letter

Zoe had a fantastic nursery, but for the past 8 months she’s been sharing a room with Thomas and sleeping on a mattress on his floor; so I really want to create a whimsical space that she can call her own. I”m actually quite jealous of her soon to be room.

Target is actually coming through big time for me, their new line by Pillowfort is really well designed, it’s for kids but not super kiddie. I scooped up six pairs of double sheets for the miniwheats for under $150, that is incredible. I’m heading over to the new house tonight with MrWheats to assemble our bed and to move Zoe’s bed into her room and give it a polish. Super romantic date night!

A few must have items for this room are, fun, yet well designed bed sheets, a whimsical wallpaper and soft colours that can transition to an even bigger girl room and some super hero artwork. A friend of mine is creating some custom artwork for Zoe’s room, and I can’t wait to see it. Think gold leaf meets superhero symbols in antique frames. I love that we are blending antique pieces with modern accents.

Two items that I’m debating about are the curtains and the chandelier. Marcia left some very southern floral curtains hanging in Zoe’s room and I basically love them but I’m not entirely sure how they’ll fit into the design. And there’s an old school brass chandelier in her room, I’m debating leaving it brass or painting a soft pastel colour.

Hopefully I can find a marquee “Z” light or maybe, I can talk my Dad into making one using this tutorial. And my biggest hurdle other than ordering all of this, is getting MrWheats onboard with buying this rug.

We wouldn’t want Zoe to have cold toes now would we?

I’m leaning towards a very pastel mint/grey paint colour for the walls, which will still be girly but will help to offset all the brass and soft pink in the decor!

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