mom-truth: Halloween is literally one of my least favourite holidays, but I have to admit the miniwheats look damn cute when in full costume. I’ve mentioned here how much I love to scare my kids, like the hide in the shower and jump out screaming kinda scare, it gives me joy which is a bit twisted I know. MisterWheats used to scold me for doing this, but more recently he has joined the dark side and now he instigates the majority of scares. We love to scare our kids.

There’s a house right next door to the miniwheats’ Montessori that decorates to the nines for every holiday. I’m not saying it’s necessarily tasteful but it is bold. We took the miniwheats by to check it out and they were equal parts super pumped and absolutely terrified. We always encourage them to try, to be brave to face their fears, but this is the closest they would get to the house and they only paused for half a second while I snapped frantically.

haunted house

The best part of this haunted house is the three animatronic witches with a cauldron full of treats for kiddos at the end of the driveway. The witches have a motion sensor and when someone reaches for a candy in the cauldron they switch on and deliver a line of cackling dialogue perfect for terrorizing anyone under the age of six.

On our second visit to the house Thomas was brave enough to go right up and grab a candy. Zoe wanted nothing to do with it. After much coaxing, Thomas braved a second trip to the witch cauldron in a quest for loot for his sister, and being the good daddy he is, MisterWheats stepped right up.

My second good scare of the week was of the unintentional variety during our annual pumpkin carving. This year Zoe absolutely refused to touch the pumpkin guts so being the pro-active mom I am, I jammed her hand into the guts. To say she didn’t appreciate it is a major understatement. The result was #tears, lots and lots of tears. And if that wasn’t enough, I thought it the best time to turn the lights down low and run up behind the miniwheats and howl like a witch. This pushed delicate little Zozo over the edge, she was pissed… and terrified. Mission accomplished I guess.

pumpkin carving

Happy Halloween!


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