The two “dad moments” I’m the most excited about since having kids are watching them play sports and playing video games with them. You’ll be hearing a lot more about that first one soon but this post is about gaming.

The highlight of my week was when miniwheatmama sent me this Slack chat (yeah we have a family Slack account – more on that another time):



This is not just permission to get a new gaming system – I think she’s actually encouraging it!

#pinchmeimdreaming #mindblown #yesplease #motherknowsbest

Thomas has already turned into quite the gamer (I’m so proud!). His two current favorites are Hay Day and Clash Royale (coincidentally both by mobile game studio Supercell)


This is our farm. If you play this deceptively addictive game make sure to friend us – our farm name is ‘Farmer Thomas Angelo’

#dadconfession: I’ve kind of become addicted to Hay Day now – and I think miniwheatmama has caught on. She used to say “aww, that’s so cute that you’re playing Hay Day while Thomas is sleeping so you can get new stuff for him” but that has turned into “really, Hay Day again?

It is quite astonishing how good Thomas is at these games, especially since they are aimed at a much older crowd and the fact that I’ve never showed him how to play – he just picked it up thanks to the simplicity of the controls and game mechanics of the iPad.

Boy has gaming changed since I was his age – cutting edge then was a game like PacMan on a Commodore 64.



Like most parents we regularly have the debate about how much screen time is appropriate for the miniwheats, so while it is very cool that my son has the gamer gene we’re also steering him towards educational games that can help with his emerging reading and math skills. A few favourites are the “Endless” series by Originator, Inc.



Comment below if you have suggestions on other fun or educational games that we can add to the mix.

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