We’ve been busy, really busy. It feels like we’ve had event after event and many many birthdays. We’re not complaining, we’re just really looking forward to a breather. Life lately has looked like this:

mothers day 2016 family photo


I turned 36 and the hubs and I spent a weekend in the city alone

We welcomed another niece into the world and we can’t wait to meet her in July

We had a fun filled Easter weekend with lots of family around

I took on a side project for a friend and so far it’s been a ton of work but loads of fun

We now have a FOUR year old (how did that happen?)

We’ve started teaching the mini wheats how to ride bikes

Zoe attended the annual Princess Ball, held by the Tillsonburg Kinnette Club

I enjoyed my 4th Mother’s Day with my kiddos and the hubs

We spontaneously booked a 5 day trip sans kids, we leave in 15 days, eek

We started looking at houses and we are excited, and scared and stressed

We planted a veggie garden at Thomas’ request, fingers crossed we harvest at least one bean princess ball 2016

We’ve mapped out most of our summer….

Now we’re just waiting for summer to arrive.

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