We’e back!

Not sure why the hiatus other than “life got busy”, but we’re back. We spent all last week celebrating Thomas who turned FOUR on April 13. I don’t believe in birth-DAYS, I believe in birth-WEEKS, so we did little things all week long. There were plenty of treats, after school playdates and few extra little gifts, but hey, who’s keeping track. Thomas was super pumped about his birthday all week, but I think Zoe may have been even more excited. She is his biggest fan, cheerleader, and annoyance that’s for sure. Superhero birthday

This year we opted for a low key “friends” birthday and I must say I think it was our best party yet. The hubs and I tag teamed and did a double pick up from school on Friday and headed directly to Skyzone (indoor trampoline park). To say this was a hit is a HUGE understatement, all five kids were super entertained and did not stop jumping for even a second. Zoe commanded the trampolines like a boss and Thomas channeled his inner superhero and challenged himself to new moves. After we rounded up the troops we headed back to the house for pizza, cake and plenty of play time… and wine! skyzone trampoline

The night before Thomas’ birthday I asked him what he wanted to for his birthday breakfast, and this 4 going on 15 year old nonchalantly replied “a breakfast sandwich from the coffee shop”. Who is this kid? Do I drink too much coffee? We have clearly frequented our local Starbucks far too often. But alas, a birthday wish is a birthday wish!

We rung 4 in with some Paw Patrol stuff, a few superhero’s and of course a new bike! It seems Thomas’ personality changed a little overnight, in turning 4 he already seems much more confident and he is seriously embracing the notion that he is a big boy! 

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