We are just wrapping up a 3-day weekend thanks to the provincial holiday of Family Day. We celebrated a lot this week, including Valentines Day + Family Day, my Dad’s birthday, and my Grandma’s birthday . The kids rocked a variety of Valentines themed outfits and lots and lots of red to school, I love dressing them for occasions. And for some reason lately, whenever I asked for a picture, I get something like this in return, Happy Valentines Day! Happy Valentines Day

I came across a fun Valentines idea while surfing Pinterest THE NIGHT BEFORE the kids were to take something to school. I thought it was so much more fun than a card so of course I jumped all over the idea. Since Thomas and Zoe attend a French Montessori I figured I’d step up my game and send our Valentines in French too. I texted my friend who sent me a translation, had the hubs whip up a layout in Word and print it out at home, and then I swung by our local Dollar Store where I was able to get 30 glo-stick bracelets for $11. You can’t beat that! The kids were pumped to watch ME cut out 30 hearts and tape glo-sticks to them! Ha! Seriously though, they were pumped to give these to their friends. you make my heart glow

Shirt: Tunic Sweater : Heart Shoes : Heart leotards (last year)

The hubs and I have never really celebrated Valentines Day, I think it’s a bit lame myself, but it’s totally fun to celebrate love day with the kiddos. I sent them heart shaped PB&J sandwiches to school, they both had Valentines Day outfits (complete with heart shoes for Zoe) and we topped off our Valentines Day celebrations with a couple small gifts and Fondue for dessert. Spiderman Fondue

Zoe loved the idea of Fondue and showed crazy enthusiasm yet decided to just stuff plain marshmallows in her mouth. Thomas on the other hand was right into it, we took off his shirt to save it from stains and he happily Fondue’d in his Spidey undies, I think it might be the best way to Fondue. Family Day

Grama and Papa shared the day with us as well and we celebrated our love for them with some tastey treats too! Please note Zoe’s fire red lips, she insisted on “needing” “yipsick” and so we thought what the heck! She literally checked herself 100 times to make sure it was still on. We're nuts about you

Happy Valentines Day !


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