Although I don’t love Valentines Day I do love dressing my kiddos up for the occasion and spoiling them with fun Valentine themed breakfasts. We have amassed a good collection of valentines outfits, but nobody loves a repeat outfit so here is some Valentines outfit inspiration for dressing your littles on love day.

This year Valentines Day falls on a Sunday, so instead of booking a sitter and heading out to an overpriced dinner, we’ve decided to celebrate as a family with a multi-courser, fondue dinner I’ve been busy scouring Pinterest for the perfect recipes! Funny enough, our very first date was at the Melting Pot in Las Vegas when they were the new “it resto”, by the time we were done the hubs had chocolate all over his white button down. This will be Thomas and Zoe’s first fondue experience and I’m certain they’ll love it. They love food and they love a good novelty.




 Trapper hats : Heart sweater : Striped leggings : High tops : Heart t-shirt : Jeans : Striped slip-ons

I usually hit up Etsy for some of my favourite toddler outfit pieces, but with the exchange rate in the toilet I’ve been avoiding Etsy like the plague. I did find a couple of Canadian Etsy shops that have great stuff. I am totally obsessed with this shop and will be placing an order for Easter, a couple dress and some new bloomers are definitely in order. I also can’t wait to see T & Z rocking some leggings from this shop.  I may even grab this little piece for myself.



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