mom-truth: Cutting the crust off of bread….is literally the bane of my existence. l don’t know how kids know, but they know. I’m convinced it’s some sort of kid conspiracy or something because all kids instinctively know that you never eat the forbidden “crust”. We need one of these or these stat.

I mean it must be some rite of passage and it must be passed down from kid to kid in passing on the playground or in the midst of an intense imaginary game of super hero’s during a play date, because that “crust” it’s the devil. This is the scene at our house every morning, this is even a little on the light side.

cutting the crust off of bread

We have so much excess crust that we’ve thought about opening a business similar to the “muffin top” business from Seinfeld. And let me tell you, if there is even a millimeter of crust left on that damn bread you do not want to be within 2 miles of our place. #eatthedamncrustkids

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