We celebrated Zoe turning two with a Peppa Pig birthday party and a #2 sparkler candle, one went over better than the other! Peppa is basically a third child of ours (along with the entire cast of Paw Patrol), so a Peppa Pig birthday party was a no brainer. We were doing some Christmas shopping back in November at ToyRus when we stumbled upon the mother load of Peppa Pig toys and accessories, I actually didn’t think they existed for some reason. ToysRus was fully stocked so we loaded up Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig along with the Camper Van and some Peppa Pig bath toys and tattoos. I told you it was the mother load. The best part of Zoe’s birthday was watching her light up at the sight of her cake and all of her presents. She really knows how to soak up the lime light. Peppa Pig birthday party

Zoe was super pumped when she finally saw her cake. Zoe has such a big personality for a two year old and it can be challenging at times, but during celebrations it truly is the best. A family friend whipped up the cake for us and I figured since Peppa Pig’s favourite thing to do is “jump in muddy puddles” Hunter boots and bunch of tulips were a must.

Peppa Pig Birthday Party

If I’m being honest I can’t believe she’s two, but I’m happy that she is. I’d also be happy if she’d sleep through the damn night, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, right. It’s that face and that charm that she’s blessed with that makes us lover so much even at 3:45am everyday for TWO years.

Peppa Pig Birthday Party _ #2

Now that’s one little girl who’s pumped that it’s her birthday!Somehow she knows when a day is about her and a switch flips and her charisma and happiness increase ten fold. Holidays are better now than ever, my best presents are watching the joy of Thomas and Zoe during these times. May you always celebrate your birthdays with the pizzaz you did when you were two!

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