A belated happy new year to you all!Christmas Dance_Delhi_German_Hall

We had a very long, very busy holiday season and a whole lot of family time. We’re back to reality tomorrow, heading off to work and school and as much as I loved the holidays together I’m definitely looking forward to getting back into our daily routine. What can I say I love a schedule.We ate a lot of food, visited with many friends and family, attended a couple of parties, a Christmas dance, snuck in a date night to see Star Wars and narrowly escaped getting the flu that took down 11 of my family members. These two, they are dancing machines. I don’t think they ever left the dance floor, they definitely rocked the Delhi German Hall Christmas Dance. And as long as he’ll let me I’ll dress him in a bowtie.Delhi German Hall_Thomas_Zoe

Trousers : Plaid Shirt : Bowtie (old from GAP) : Plaid dress : Ruby Red Shoes

Tomorrow we set out to tackle 2016 and rather than resolutions I have a few goals that I hope to achieve this year…

dress fancy whenever I want, not just for occasions. Life’s too short for boring.

get fitter and healthier and lead my kids to do the same.

put down my phone. especially when the mini-wheats are awake.

run a race.

revamp this here blog.

And now onto Mom-truth monday…

mom-truth: When I was little and I wasn’t feeling 100%, (whether my legs were throbbing or my tummy hurt or I had a scrape on my knee), my mom always had the cure-all. She used to wrap my legs in warm towels or place a hot water bottle on my tummy and just like that I was magically cured. I remember this used to thoroughly annoy my Dad, but she did it anyway because it made our aches & pains instantly disappear. mom-truth_monday_Special_Cream_Aches_pains

And here I am 30 years later doing the same dang thing. I do wrap throbbing legs in warm towels but I’ve taken it a step further…. whenever Thomas or Zoe have a scrape, a rash, ingrown fingernail, a bruise or what-have-you, I tell them I’ll put “special” cream on it. You can see their pain (or lack thereof) instantly disappear at the mere mention of the said “special” cream. The mom-truth lies in that the said “special” cream is whatever I see first, polysporin, vaseline, or just my Nivea moisturizer. It drives the hubs nuts, but it works people.


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