No matter how early I start my Christmas shopping and holiday prep (and I start in late October) I am still running around the week before Christmas doing last minute things. How does this happen? Adele has hijacked our normal 24hr Christmas music ritual but we have managed to squeeze our Christmas playlist in here and there too. Ever since my sister-in-law’s post wedding beach party last December in St.Thomas, Virgin Islands I have been obsessed with steel pan/calypso Christmas music. If you haven’t heard Calypso Christmas tunes, you MUST head to YouTube asap for a listen. It’s an instant mood booster. Here is our Christmas playlist that we’ll be cranking over the holidays…. Christmas Playlist

We took a trip to get our photo taken with the mall Santa. Both kids were very enthusiastic but we were skeptical as to whether or not Zoe would remain enthusiastic once she laid eyes on the big guy. Last year I think we saw three Santas and every single time Zoe would instantly start crying and arching her back to get away. Thomas on the other hand loves Santa so we have a good selection of photos where Thomas is cheesing it up and Zoe is screaming her bloody head off.Picture with Santa Christmas playlist

This year Zoe surprised us all and posed perfectly for her picture with Santa, we even got a smile. Not sure if it’s that she turned TWO the day before (likely not) or that she was sitting safely on the lap of her cousin and not directly on Santa. Either way, we’ll take it. In other news we are working to make our Santa game stronger, Thomas has been grilling us with twenty questions every time the Santa topic comes up. Where is here? How does he know where we live? If Santa is at the mall, where are his reindeer? Etc, etc, etc. I just want to tell him to chill the heck out, I mean does this kid want presents or not!

Hope y’all are having a good week .



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