Happy Monday indeed!

Today we celebrate our very precocious, majorly bossy, super loving and sweet little Zoe-bug who is officially two today! It’s so cliche to say but as l-o-n-g and as t-i-r-i-n-g as Zoe has made these last two years feel, they have simultaneously flown by in a blink of an eye. We are so so in love with our little Zoe-bug, life just wouldn’t be as good without her. Sparkler-#2-Candle

This year we decided to throw Zoe two parties, one on the beach with her Virgin Islands’ family and one on her actual birthday weekend here in Canada. Both were a hit and very well received by the birthday girl, she really knows how to bask in the attention. I think we may have to make the Virgin Islands beach birthday party an annual thing, she really loved it.

We grilled, made sand castles, and swam in the ocean for 4hrs and it was pure bliss.  Zoe, Thomas, and Amaya definitely rocked the beach party and thoroughly enjoyed the cupcakes! These three had an amazing week together playing, laughing, picking passion fruit and hitting up Coral World. Sun soaked, cupcakes in hand and not a care in the world, oh to be a toddler. #threemusketeersUS Virgin Islands_Meghans Bay

We opted for a Peppa Pig themed birthday party back home in Canada, both Thomas and Zoe have been obsessed with Peppa for a long time. The Peppa Pig birthday cake a was a huge hit, but the Camper Van that Grama  and Papa gave as a present was an even bigger hit. I thought I was turning up the “cool” mom dial with a #2 sparkler instead of a traditional candle, but no, both kids were more than a little nervous at the sight of it and none of the kids could actually blow it out. Womp womp. Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

Some Stats

33lbs : size 8 feet : loves to boss everyone around : attends French Montessori school

can count to 10 in english & french : can say A B C’s in english & french : loves Peppa Pig

loves her brother and also loves to torment him : snacker extraordinaire

walks exclusively on her tip toes : still doesn’t sleep through the night

Zoe 1st birthday

Zoe wasn’t walking on her first birthday, now she is literally running, jumping and climbing everywhere. We are bittersweet-ly a baby free house and officially parents of two on-the-go toddlers. What a difference a year makes indeed.

H A P P Y  2nd  B I R T H D A Y  Z O E!

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