Happy Thanksgiving from the mini-wheats who are celebrating the holiday with family and soaking up every ounce of beach that we can. We are so thankful for many things, but our health, safety and family top the list, in addition to time we get to spend with those we don’t get to see often. Zoe-beach-

We’ve had a few great beach days already and we’re heading there now for a pre Thanksgiving dinner swim, though I’m certain Zoe is going for a pre Thanksgiving dinner “snack”. She is the SNACK queen and has remained consistent in asking for a snack the second we hit the beach. In this picture she just finished slamming a container full of grapes. grandkids-at-the-beach

Thomas is the COO of sand castle/ city building and all beach playing in general, probably much to his cousin and sister’s dislike. They played so hard yesterday morning at the beach that we were blessed with a 2hr nap from Thomas and a THREE hour nap from the Zoebug, un-heard-of!

Wishing you all the most blessed Thanksgiving from our family to yours, may your bellies be full, your company be joyful and your naps be long. We’re off to the beach and then to feast on a local Caribbean Thanksgiving dinner.

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