It seems that all our weekends from here on out are jam packed and this past one was no different. We kicked off the weekend by taking the day off on Friday to do a late fall version of “spring cleaning”. With the influx of stuff that will be coming into the house over the holidays I was seconds away from having a panic attack due to clutter and claustrophobia. So the hubs and I spent the day cleaning, organizing and purging, it was a glorious day.

Morgan (former nanny extraordinnaire) came over for a visit on Friday afternoon/evening. She surprised the kids by joining me at pick-up and they were super excited. The evening was so fun and long overdue. We ate, drank wine, caught up and played. The kids were super good and it was really great to see Morgan.

Saturday brought soccer and errands and an extra long family nap that no one protested. It was one of those glorious naps that just went on and on and on. Zoe rocked soccer, Thomas did not, but he did rock picking out birthday gifts for his friends. So there’s that. christmas-tree

Everyone was up early Sunday, like 6am early. I made waffles, cleaned up, showered, gave Miss Zoe a mani/pedi (Essie Nail) and got the kids/house ready for our play date all before 9am, Gah! I wish Thomas knew how to use my camera, because at one point the princess had me painting her nails while her daddy was on drying duty. A picture of the scene would have been priceless.

This is a daddy who loves his little girl to pieces, and a little girl who has melted his heart. Daddy-nail-salon

Our former neighbours spent the morning with us hanging out. We love them and we miss them. We used to share a driveway and backyard, now they are a few blocks away so our interactions are fewer and greatly missed. The kids were hilarious together, mostly Zoe pestering the boys but they rolled with it for the most part. Mikhial’s mom told us that he wrote in his letter to Santa that Thomas and Zoe are his best friends. Beyond adorable.

They played fiercely and ate just as equally. They are quite the crew, and clearly all they needed us for was to provide plentiful snacks and to make sure episodes of Paw Patrol played continuously. Kingston-Crew

We have been SO fortunate to have such mild temps this far into November. Sunday was 15 C and sunny which made being outside in mid November a must. And since we were blessed with 2.5hr naps on Saturday we were cursed with 1hr naps on Sunday, so awesome. #theworst. So we took a trip down to the Distillery District to see the big Christmas tree before all the chaos of the Christmas Market ensues. We chased birds and ate pastries and we all enjoyed browsing and playing in Mini Mioche. It took ALL of my strength not to buy the entire store. Lastly, we hit up the pirate park and played hard for a solid hour before heading home for dinner, bath and bedtime.

T-minus 7 days till vacation.

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