It’s mid November, we are gearing up for a trip to the Virgin Islands to spend Thanksgiving with family and I’m frantically trying to work, blog, pack, organize Zoe’s 2nd birthday party and get all of our Christmas gifts bought and wrapped. This is why it’s mid November and we’re just now sharing our Halloween with y’all. Halloween-Crew

The kids were totally into Halloween this year, we spent it with our good friends. We literally went up and down one street and the kids candy buckets had been dumped and refilled twice by the time we were done. Thomas and Zoe only made it up one side of the street before they were done/bored? Here is Thomas/Marshall leading the crew up the street with his flashlight, and Zoe doing her best Wonder Woman pose. Trick-or-treating-2

The neighbourhood went all out, one house had carved 16 pumpkins, another had a full on haunted house in their front yard (which I took full advantage of, scary the bee-jeezus out of Thomas). Most houses were pretty scary and one of us had to walk up with the kids, a huge inflatable black cat set Zoe off, she was having none of it. And for the first time in years Halloween was rain free and the temps were super mild. Yay for a Canadian halloween where we didn’t have to wear our costumes over top of our snowsuits!Trick-or-Treating

We had a Spiderman costume for Thomas but at the last minute he decided he wanted to be Marshall from his fave show Paw Patrol. Thanks goodness for Value Village (second hand store) who had a dalmation costume for $5 on the day before Halloween. Super mom! Zoe totally embodied Wonder Woman, but she insisted that she was Spiderman. We just rolled with it and called her Spiderman which made her one happy girl. Zoe-WW

And now folks, we are officially in Christmas mode!

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