1. We had a night out alone and didn’t have to wake up to kids in the morning

2. We’re fully integrated and adjusted at Montessori and the kids run in every morning

3.We’ve been walking the kids to school and logging 2.4 miles everyday

4. There are only 9 Saturday’s until Christmas!

5. We will be soaking up the sun in the Virgin Islands in just 5 weeks. Celebrating Thanksgiving and spending time with family.

6. Thomas and Zoe are starting to say things in French

7. I’m obsessed with these Canadian made leggings for toddlers



1. Zoe has decided to revert to some of her old sleeping behaviours. Now we are on serious sleep training duty again

2. After a 6 month hiatus the hubs has started traveling again

3. Daylight savings is coming up and sure to mess Zoe right up

4. They may have been small and they didn’t stick but we saw our first snowflakes

5. Bullying. I’m hearing WAY too many incidents and it’s making me insane

6. Zoe is almost TWO. Which means party planning has slowly begun

7. Raccoons. They are everywhere in this city and they’re bold. They’ve dumped our garbage bin two weeks in a row. Worst.

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