Every weekend in October is spoken for except one (and that was the first one), which means our weekends are very very busy.

We packed family photos, a wedding, a massive kid sleepover and a birthday celebration for our niece all into one weekend! The best decision I made was to stop drinking after dinner at the wedding, I had a blast and we danced all night, but I woke up hangover free, and that my friends is a major win!.

Our niece and her friend are the babysitting dynamic duo and held down the fort watching 6 kids between the ages of 2 and 8. Thomas hasn’t stopped talking about how much fun he had at the big sleepover. While fun was had by all, Zoe decided to keep things lively by waking up twice every hour from 2am onward. Lucky for me the sleepover was at my aunts house so I slept peacefully through the entire night. Sorry girls. Adam&Mel

We celebrated my cousins wedding with a VERY cold outdoor ceremony (snowflakes were seen) followed by German food, many drinks and lots and lots of dancing. The hubs was definitely the highlight of the night dancing with every lady in sight and making his own trailer for Magic Mike 3. Sofie_wedding-

This is Sofie, my cousins daughter and flower girl extraordinaire! You can’t quite see in this picture but Sofie was rocking pink cowboy boots under all that tulle. Her and her little brother Lukas nearly stole the show.

Our niece Carly turned 8 this month so we celebrated her on Sunday with cake and presents. You know fun was had the night before when one of the parents of the birthday girl cannot “make it” to the party. I cannot wait for Christmas this year, Thomas and Zoe are going to be amazing to watch. They tore open Carly’s birthday presents like nobody’s business and fiercely jumped up and down cheering at the sight of each one. So so good. Carly_8th_birthday

We wrapped the weekend with a quiet drive home and by sending the hubs off on a business trip. Cereal is being consumed in large quantities and we cannot wait for him to get home on Wednesday. This weekend I’m whisking the hubs away for a surprise belated birthday celebration. Come on Friday!

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