Mom truth: When the hubs is away on business we eat cereal for every meal.

It started waaaay before we had kids. Anytime the hubs was out of town for work, pleasure or what have you, I would skip the grocery run and exist solely on cereal. The hubs doesn’t realize that even though we don’t like when he’s gone, we do love eating cereal. That’s Thomas’ evil happy laugh and even Zoebug is giving the thumbs up for 3-days of cereal goodness. Mom-Truth-Oct-19

Boots : Quilted Vest : Poncho Shawl

We have a plethora of cereal options in our house at all times and we definitely go through phases where we don’t eat it, but somehow Thomas and Zoe have adapted the same habit. I never forced them, they were just more than content to hang out with a bowl of cereal. Maybe it’s fun for them, or “out of the ordinary” so that makes them like it, but nonetheless, when the hubs is out of town we head to the cereal bowl. Every now and again when we’re feeling fancy we will opt for hot Cream of Wheat instead, I grew up on the stuff, but funny enough this is Thomas’ go to. He asks for it all the time.

On the menu tonight? Our choice of Honey Nut Cheerios, Froot Loops, Quaker Oat Honey Granola cereal or Mini Wheats, because the hubs is in Cali and we are not.

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