We’ve had a few family gatherings lately and we’ve been calling them “parties” for the kids, and ever since Zoe learned that word she’s wanted to go to a party e v e r y d a y! I mean who wouldn’t. On our morning walks to school Zoe will ask “where going Mama?” and I’ll say “to school” and she will promptly correct me by very sternly saying “no! I go a party”. 35-bday

I think Zoe’s day was made when we celebrated the hubs’ 35th birthday on Wednesday (actual birthday). It was just the four of us, but that is all we needed. We aren’t really a cake family, and 3/4 of us LOVE ice cream so I opted for a couple of pints and candles. More than ice cream, Thomas and Zoe LOVE blowing out birthday candles. Blowing-candles

We kicked off the day with birthday brunch sans kids at one of our favourite spots and the hubs worked from home, awesome! We had chicken wings for dinner (birthday boy’s request), sang Happy Birthday numerous times throughout the day (starting the first serenade around 6:30am), and we wrapped up the evening with birthday ice cream (a crowd favourite) and a couple of pastries.


Can you tell they’re related? Three peas in a pod.

We were also blessed with a toddler who claimed “his ears were hurting” and kept calling us into his room every 10 minutes. This resulted in the hubs in the guest room and T and I in our bed…Happy Birthday Daddy? Family-bday-pic

In a last ditch attempt to snag a family photo I threw on the auto timer and ran like a crazy women into the photo. Not bad for a first attempt with a camera propped up by a dish towel and a couple toddlers who were less than cooperative (–> lollipops). Thomas is slightly outta focus because of some tickling from Dad, but I’ll take it.

We are so grateful for this guy. We love him to pieces and despite all the early morning wake-ups, the being kicked out of beds, the crying, the fighting, and the oh so trying days, he loves us right back.  Happy Birthday my love, cheers to many many more. xo



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