So exactly one day after I was bragging to my girlfriend about how the hubs hasn’t traveled much in the past 7 months, the hubs tells me he’s going to Singapore for a week; and he’s leaving on a FRIDAY! That meant I got to kickoff flying solo for a week, with 48 straight hours of mama and kid time. Glug glug glug. Zoe-_Kitchen-Island

Typically when this happens I pack up and head to my parents’ house, but I decided to stick it out because we had school and work and soccer etc. But this past weekend my friends backed me up and it was so refreshing and awesome.

We started our Saturday off right with a 4:40am wake up, so after we hung out for FOUR hours, we got dressed and headed to soccer for 9am (that sentence doesn’t even seem legal). Soccer was so-so for Zoe and Thomas was clingy but we made it through. We ran a few errands, picked up Morgan (nanny extraordinaire) and then went to round two of soccer for Thomas. He moved up a level and it’s so much better for him. He’ such a perfectionist it’s hilarious.

Back at home we had a quick lunch and I deemed it nap time for everyone. Thomas fought me tooth and nail (he doesn’t nap at school so he never wants to nap at home anymore), but after a half hour of screaming and some major mom threats, he passed out hard and instantly looked so peaceful I almost forgot about the five stages of hell he had just put me through. With Morgan around I snuck out to run some more errands and grab a couple hours of me time. Thank-you Morgan. We wrapped Saturday with a much needed 6:30 bedtime.

My friends really stepped up their game on Sunday, it was truly a great day, and we are so grateful for all of them. We headed over to our old neighbours new house for a playdate and it was awesome. The kids played so well, we drank coffee and caught up on life, things were going so well that we hung around for lunch where we sampled the BEST grilled cheese we’ve ever had. We stopped back home just long enough to squeeze in a family nap and were back at it. We wrapped up our Sunday over at our other good friends’ house watching football, putting together far too many puzzles, playing with new toys and filling our bellies with a home cooked meal that wasn’t cooked by me. WIN! Zoe-Kitchen-island-crazy-face

This is  Zoe’s: “you survived the weekend Mom, but we took it easy on you, so you’re welcome, and now I’m just gonna fake smile to make you feel like you really accomplished something” look.

Recap: A rough 24hrs followed by a smooth 24, two free meals, a mani-pedi session, time with good friends, TWO naps for everyone (me included), two super early bedtimes and many hours spent with good people. I call that a success.


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