You know those days when things just aren’t going according to plan or something has happened that just doesn’t make you feel as awesome as you are? Well on those days I look to my kids for a little something extra. Mom-Truth-Blog

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Mom truth: I fake crying to get affection.

I’m often rudely denied hugs or kisses by the toddler dictators, which is so obnoxious after all I do for them. So on the days when affection is needed, or I just want to feel loved and I am rudely denied, I sometimes fake cry and act super sad. This manipulation results in instant affection and an obscene amount of slobbery kisses and “it’s oh-tay mama”. It works every time with Zoe, to the point where she instantly imitates my sad face and holds my head in her hands and literally kisses me 17 times in a row. Not complaining. Thomas takes it a step further, when he sees the Zoebug deny me, he quickly offers up “I’ll give you a kiss mama”.

I know it’s so mean to manipulate them this way, but come on, look at those lips, so kissable!

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