This is exactly how I feel at 5pm on weekends (sometimes on weeknights too), when I realize we’ve spent the last 10 hours together: happy, yelling, snuggling, playing, battling, laughing etc. and I realize we still have TWO-more hours to go. I look at the hubs and say “it’s only two more hours, we got this!” Or sometimes, if it’s really been a long day, we just say the heck with it and declare it beer-o’clock.


 Mom truth: we set a timer for  e v e r y t h i n g and it works!

It first started because Thomas was addicted to his iPad and the only way we could limit his time on it without an onslaught of tears and fighting was to simply set a timer. Worked like a charm, to the point where Thomas would ask us to “please set the timer for iPad time”, sure no problem buddy! It worked so well that it quickly spilled over into every part of life, we set a timer for playing downstairs before it’s bath time, for playing at the park, for the amount of time we can stomach pushing T & Z on the swings etc. etc. etc. The sweet jingle of the timer going off, oh it’s a magical sound. It’s the sound of a toddler turing off his iPad without being asked, of two toddlers jumping off the playground equipment into the stroller unassisted and it’s the sound of our sanity when the days are long.

But the real mom truth here is that Thomas always wants the timer set for 10 minutes. Even when I offer 15, he counters with 10, see he doesn’t know which is more, at least not for now. So we happily comply and queue up the timer for 10 minutes.

But the super real mom truth here is that when the days are reallllllyyyy long or the kids are being a little less awesome and they ask or 10 minutes, we simply say “sure”, and we set it for 5, because for now, they don’t know the difference, and sanity is everything my friends.

The sweet magical sound of the timer brings happiness to all, and you to can enjoy it!

You’re welcome.

In all seriousness, we do realize that the days are long but the years are short, but some days we’re just in survival mode.


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