A late in the week, weekend wrap-up! Park_Thomas_Daddy


This twirly seat we found at the park spins surprisingly fast. Thomas was the first to try it out and when we lifted him off, he literally fell face first into the sand. I was crying laughing. Then daddy had to give it a whirl and honestly, could Thomas BE any HAPPIER! #simplepleasures

We kicked off the weekend (pun intended) with Thomas and Zoe’s first soccer practice. It was an amazing success and super hilarious to watch. They are in different groups and both were super excited and very into the whole thing, thank goodness! They particularly liked the warm up stretches and games and both did pretty well with the drills. Zoe got distracted a couple of times but only for a minute or so and then was right back in the action. We just need to keep reminding her that soccer equals feet, she just wanted to pick up the ball and run with it. We just might have two little athletes on our hands. #pleasepleasepleaseSoccer

Since we’ve been blessed with what feels like and extended summer, we’ve been hitting up a new park every night after dinner. I think we’ve been to five different parks over the course of a week or so. It’s been too warm to stay inside after dinner and since they’re in school during the day it’s a great way for them to let loose and get some physical play time in.Park-_-twirly

This new park was a hit, it is right on the beach and there was a ton of new play items that Thomas and Zoe hadn’t seen before. This picture about sums up the evening, lots of laughs, crazy faces and even Daddy having a good time. Fact: our kids are dare devils (Zoe more so than Thomas), but either way they like to spin fast, get pushed high, and go down the slide head first! #keepingusonourtoesZoe_wyatt_bw

And we wrapped the weekend with some quality time with this guy: Wyatt Francis Xavier Jordan. My best friend brought this cutie into the world 5 weeks ago and he is absolutely perfect. As expected Thomas and Zoe were totally smitten with him and took turns holding and kissing him for three hours straight. We think Wyatt was pretty smitten with T & Z too!

Just a few hours spent with your best friend is enough to fill you up for months, wish you lived closer Mary Mac. Side by side houses in Buffalo soon? I think so. #culdesac-crew

In other news, our living room rug is out getting a good cleaning and today our sofa is being hauled out for a repair. Should be good times with no rug or sofa to sit on for a few days. #thankgoodnessforrecrooms

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