** n e w   s e r i e s **

This parenting thing is hard at times and it’s hilarious at times and it’s super frustrating at times and then there’s all the loved filled moments in between all these times. I’ve found  comfort in talking “real talk” with my girlfriends about our successes and failures as mom’s, wives, and just plain humans. So today and regularly on Monday’s I’ll throw out a #momtruthmonday in hopes that we can all enjoy some “real talk”. Mom-Truth_1

My kids are pretty easy going and for the most part well behaved, but don’t get me wrong they are not angels. Here they sit enjoying an after school snack of fruit, crackers, granola bar, yogurt. Fourth time’s a charm I guess. Oh and the blurriness, ya, that’s a special affect Thomas and Zoe love implementing whenever I try to take their photo.

These two are not smiling for my imposing camera, or because they love their yogurt, nope. They are smiling because I 100% bribed them with iPad time so they would eat their snack quietly while I cooked dinner. Those smiles are for the Paw Patrol people, not mom. I bribe my kids, what about you?


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