A little flash back Friday post for y’all to many many weekends spent at my parents house lounging by the pool, and to Thomas and Zoe malling their baby cousin Avery. Avery is now four months old and is the hot commodity at all family gatherings. Thomas and Zoe are so smitten with her it’s unbelievable. Great-granny is also quite smitten, but with those cheeks and pouty lips, how could you not be. Granny_Avery_TZ

Thomas is a gentle giant and from the second he first met baby Avery he was in love. He is always the first to ask to hold her and really enjoys giving her her bottle. Every time we see Avery Thomas asks me if I want another baby, he says he does. It’s funny to see how hands on he is with Avery, I guess being a whole year older really helps. When Zoe was born he was just 20 months and didn’t really want anything to do with her, not in a bad way, he just couldn’t be bothered.

And when you’re busy riding your John Deer tractor but you still want to hold the baby, you make sure you have a good firm wrestling grip on her! Thomas_Avery_tractor

The first time we met baby Avery, Zoe was not happy at all. She would scream every time I held Avery and woudl literally try to scale my body. Thankfully, Zoe has turned over a new leaf and smothers baby Avery with about a billion slobbery lingering kisses every time she sees her. This is non-stop.


I think baby Avery has had enough, but Zoe clearly has not. Look at the arm grip people!

Another Friday is here. We have officially wrapped 9 days of Montessori and both Thomas and Zoe seem to be really loving it. Thomas cannot stop talking about all the things he’s doing at school and especially loves to work on “tricky puzzles”! Zoe is in Thomas’ class but working on activities for her age. She has only cried a couple of times this week and the teachers assured us that she is enjoying the kids and the challenges.

And tomorrow, I officially become a soccer mom as Thomas and Zoe begin their first fall activity of the year!

Happy Weekend.

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