So the weather turned chilly for just long enough (ahem, 2 days) for me to get my first sore throat of the year. Awesome! The upside is that regardless of the temperature outside, the retail world is in full fall force. There are a ton of sales happening right now, so now is the time to get your and your littles fall wardrobes situated. I made a boat load of a purchases for the littles the other night while Old Navy and Gap were running a 60% off sale on everything. What mom dreams are made of!

In just a couple of we are rallying the troops for a new round of family photos. Since the last time we did a “whole family” photo we’ve had two new additions to the family, Zoe and baby Avery. It’s quite a feat to get 14 people dressed, coordinated and in the same location but we’re doing it people, we’re doing it.


Blazer : Leopard : Oxfords : Sweater : Buffalo : Plaid : Toque : Jeans : Sneakers : Puffer : Dress : Toque : Leotards : Boots

For your viewing pleasure, here is a little fall family outfit inspiration. If you know me, you know I’m in full outfit preparation mode. I’m totally a fan of coordinated, NOT matched outfits, and keeping it neutral always seems to make the photos pop and give them that classic enduring look.

Side note: we are back to hot humid days but my brain is officially in fall mode. I just can’t put on shorts anymore. But we are taking full advantage of the late September heat wave and hitting up a new park every night after dinner. Super duper #momwin here folks!

Lastly, Zoe insists that she does not like school… the teachers tell us otherwise, and yesterday I counted to ten really quickly in French and then again in English while reading a book to Thomas, and he encouragingly clapped and said “wow that’s good counting mommy”! I’ll take it, for now I’m a genius in his eyes!

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