The sudden switch from hot humid summer weather to rainy cool fall weather called for homemade soup making, baking, visits with friends and bundled up trips to the park in between rain showers.

We wrapped up our week by heading out of work a bit early on Friday and hitting up the park with the kiddos, followed by a quick dinner out. Saturday was a constant drizzle of rain and it was perfect because we spent the morning catching up with friends at their place. Thomas and Zoe were the perfect entertainment for their 14 month old. Though Zoe did take a few swings at Will’s head…!

The start of Montessori school has also brought the start of Thomas forgoing his afternoon nap. He’s a “big boy” you know, though his passing out on the sofa at 4:30pm on both Saturday and Sunday would suggest otherwise. Needless to say the afternoons are different (louder) not the down time we’ve always had to look forward to as a bit of a break on crazy days. We did manage to get him to watch a movie (Finding Nemo) with us on the sofa, so baby steps I guess.

Sunday morning I made homemade soup while the kids ate breakfast. Best thing about it, I didn’t have to make dinner at 5pm! After breakfast we headed to the park. It was dreary and rain loomed off in the distance. We managed to get a few solid hours in outside before the rain started. We played at the park, picked up some stuff at the bakery and stumbled upon a Celtic Festival. The Celtic festival was our saviour. The kids walked all through the vendor tents, danced at the front of the stage for an hour and were completely happy to watch the Highland dances and the Scottish Bagpipers. Music is all we need people! We wrapped the morning off with some fries from the chip wagon, so needed, so good.


Thomas was super pumped to try on the authentic Viking gear, Zoe was also very enthusiastic to give it a try until it was actually on her head. In case you can’t tell, she is screaming to get the helmet of. LOL

The afternoon brought Finding Nemo, a constant stream of football and a collaborative baking session. Thomas and Zoe love to “help” in the kitchen but it often means that tasks take three times as long. It was fun, they took turns adding ingredients and for some reason Zoe kept making crazy faces and very bizarre sounds. She literally looks like a mad women, and that knife in the butter just adds to madness.

We successfully whipped up two loaves of Zucchini chocolate chip bread! Satisfied customers all around.


I literally have no idea what Zoe’s faces are about in these pictures and why she is making them. Perhaps she thinks this is a cute smile?

We are on day 6 of Montessori and it’s going okay so far. Zoe still ends up in tears at drop-off while Thomas is 50/50. It’s heart breaking, but I’m reassured at the end of the day when I pick them up and Thomas is a Chatty Cathy about everything he did that day. Husband’s commentary: Trey has started to call me JD (for Jelly Doughnut) because he says I am so soft and gooey when it comes to the kiddos and their daycare situation. My response: At least someone has to care about their well-being – jerk!

Side note: Thomas was talking about his new friend Michael over the weekend and we were so excited that he had finally made a friend. Turns out, Michael is one of the teachers! I felt so sad upon realizing this. Maybe friends his age will come in week three!

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