We rounded out Thomas’ birthday week with family and cake at my parents house. As I mentioned in this post, we kept it low key this year. I think all Thomas needs is a good cake and some candles because look at this face. Pure joy, I tell ya. Thomas_Cake_Smile

This guys loved all of his gifts and the bouncy castle at daycare but honestly, he just wanted to blow out candles. This right here was his SIXTH time blowing out candles for is birthday. Good think he only turned three!


And per usual, Thomas was spoiled with far too many awesome gifts. He’s obsessed with tractors, animals and construction workers, and his gifts covered it all. We are going to hit up a bike shop one of these weekends and pick out some new wheels for him as his big gift. I cannot wait to see him on his bike, hopefully he shares my enthusiasm.

And what would a little sister be, if not the person who immediately hijacks your birthday gifts! May I introduce to you, Fore-woman Zoe, and she has the bossy attitude to go along with the job. Zoe_Construction

What a great week it was celebrating our little BIG guy! Next up, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and summer summer summer.

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