Thomas turned THREE yesterday and it was a glorious but funny day! I went all out Pinterest style for his 1st and 2nd birthday’s but I decided to go low key this year and I think his birthday was just as fantastic. To say that Thomas celebrated his birthday from sun up to sun down would be an understatement.
Sunday night we pulled out the measuring stick that Papa made for Thomas last year and marked his height, he grew 4.5″ over the past year. And of course Miss Zoe would not be left out and weaseled her way in to get size up as well. Despite her serious mug shot she was actually super pumped to be getting measure.
I am flying solo this week so I set up Thomas’ spot at the table with a chalkboard birthday wish, a huge dinosaur figurine and some finger lasers. When he woke at 6:15am (yes you read that right) he was over the moon to kick off his birthday with presents first thing!
Trey has been traveling a ton lately (like every other week), and I just started a new job last week which landed me in NYC Monday through Thursday so birthday prep was a little behind the 8 ball. I ran out on Sunday to pick up a few gifts, prepped pancake batter before I went to bed so that all I had to do was throw it on the griddle and use the cookie cutter to make a “3”. Awesome right? Do you think this child ate more than literally 2 bites of this dang breakfast I just made through a zombie like state?
Every other day of the week this child devours pancakes. Thomas was not impressed with my Pinterest creation. In his defence he was/is slightly under the weather as he has been for of his birthdays. Tis the season.
Spring has finally reared it’s beautiful head so I decided to walk the kids down to the nannies house. The walk was great, Thomas greeted everyone on the sidewalk and continuously sang “happy birthday to Thomas” the entire way. Our amazing nanny and the other little guy that she takes care of had the house decorated with a sign and balloons and cheerfully welcome Thomas to the party! They immediately dug into the gifts that were waiting for him and headed straight upstairs to the bouncy castle.
This kid with his shades though! The swagger when he puts them on is beyond amazing.
From presents, to cakes to bouncy castle, to a bazillion “facing time” calls Thomas had a fabulous birthday. Thomas didn’t have much of an appetite being under the weather and all so he didn’t each much of anything (not even the cake) but he did request to blow out the candles a handful of times. And so in total, Thomas blew out his 3 candles a total of 5 times, and that was definitely the highlight of the day for him. A very very close second was watching and re-watching two videos that he received from two of his cousins, Sofie and Amaya. I mean like watching one and then the other back and forth for a solid 20 minutes.
But it’s funny, toddlers have an amazing ability to put you in your place without really meaning to. For the past month I’ve been asking Thomas what he would like for his birthday, and every time he would tell me a BIG dinosaur. Upon seeing his dinosaur present he was cheesing ear to ear and so pumped to have received it, but it only took a minute longer for him to look me straight in the eye and tell me:
“but I really wanted a smaller dinosaur and I really wanted to have two” And there you have it folks, a “thanks Mom, you got it almost right.
And here we are, three years apart. This little bundle of a baby is a big three year old boy. And while he is much much bigger he’s still just as sweet. I grab him everyday and try to snuggle him like this for just a minute and he usually lets me; but recently, I asked him to snuggle and he literally said: “no thanks, I’m cozy over here”. And then I curled up into a ball and fell into a deep depression.

Happy birthday Thomas. We love you.

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